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Mặc định Top 5 reasons why entertainment is required in education

Top 5 reasons why entertainment is required in education

Nguồn: http://vietforward.com/showthread.php?s=c4d187dc27f7e5ceb3843713536ad8b1&p=78121

“All day work makes Jack a dull boy”, haven’t we heard of this adage? This is so true when it comes to education and entertainment. Entertainment for children is as important as education for them. Entertainment is always a deviation from the normal schedule and most of the time children need a break from their study life. Entertainment is a form of relief to them to regain the energy level in them and come back in full swing to their normal routine works. Let’s look at why entertainment is required in education.
To be CreativeEntertainment always paves way for creativity and anything and everything can spur a child’s creativity. We might see an object as it is, but in tandem, there will be tons and millions of ideas and imaginations going inside a child’s brain. Apart from just sticking to the school textbooks and just learning what is taught in class, children must be promoted to read outside books, newspapers, etc. Experimenting on diverse objects, making use of building blocks, painting, crafts, fun games, etc. will enhance their creativity and stretches the possibilities of imagination in them

Entertainment Promotes Social Skills
A child when grows up, apart from his educational background, he must be perfect in social skills too. He should be well-behaving, should know how to respect society, and also should abide by the cultures and etiquette of the society. When children are permitted to go out and play, they will meet other peers and they start to communicate, share and respect each other. This kind of entertainment will improve social skills in children. The ability to build new friend circles, to communicate well, and to respect each other must also be a part of education and entertainment can certainly help children to be the best citizen.

Entertainment helps in Physical Development
If education helps in developing the knowledge in a child, then entertainment plays a major role in the physical development of him. Physical exercises help the children to be strong and healthy and also build dexterity in them. Let your children run, jump, skip, peddle during the evening time. Give them a break from their studies and give them a space for themselves. These active plays can also help children to stay away from obesity and another kind of illnesses. Education with entertainment should go hand in hand to transform a child into a healthy happy and energetic human being.

Entertainment helps in Knowledge Development
This world is all about technology today. Children are more and more used to technological updates and they gain more knowledge through online connections. Apart from just being confined to school books and studies, they can explore more from the internet and gain more knowledge. Internet is also a kind of entertainment which can help the children in studies too. They can take pictures from the internet to complete their projects and assignments and also learn a lot from the internet. The same is the case with watching television. Parents can guide children to watch good channels that will help them to increase knowledge and help them to learn good things.

Entertainment is Always a Relief
Entertainment, for children, is always a relief for them. From the daily routine of studies, children are sure to get stressed out, even though they might not squarely show it. But then their mental power needs a break and they need more entertainment activities to rejuvenate themselves. Entertainment makes children happy at least for some hours of the day and hence they are refreshed when they hit back studies. So entertainment should always be included in education and both have the importance of their own.

These are some of the ways which show entertainment should be a part of education. Both are of crucial importance and when one is missing, a child is sure to fail either as a scholar or as a healthy person. So why not let education and entertainment go together so that children are both good at knowledge and health-wise? Children are the future of an economy and so let education include entertainment too and let’s hope for the upcoming great future of a nation.

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